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Want List

Having been a collector first and a dealer second, I pride myself on helping every collector achieve their dream collection. I am eager to help my customers find exactly what they need for their collection. If you have a “want list” please let me know and we’ll make sure we make every effort to locate the coins you need.

If you attend any major coin show around the country, be sure to look for our table. I am positive we can help lead you in the right direction to your next sought after coin.

Selling your collection?

Cash Offer

A direct sale is the quickest and easiest way to liquidate your collection. Whether it’s a single coin or complete collection, we are willing to make you a quick and fair offer with immediate payment.


Depending of the type and rarity of your coins/collection, we may be able to offer you more for your collection by taking them on consignment.

Please contact us for details.


There are advantages and disadvantages to selling your coins/collection via auction. Millions of dollars are consigned to auction each year. Many coins bring exceptional value while others do not. The benefit to selling your coins via auction is the sheer number of collectors/dealers that will have the opportunity to view your coins. Some of the disadvantages of selling your coins via auction is the amount of time between consignment/settlement, buybacks and buyer/seller fees which can reach 25%.

Coin and Currency Grading

We are an Authorized Submission Center for the leading grading services: PCGS, NGC, CAC, PMG and PCGS Currency.

Since we are constantly submitting coins, we know what the grading services are looking for in terms of coins that make a certain grade.

We will gladly review your coins for submission and can submit them on your behalf for a nominal fee. Your coins stand a better chance when a professional has screened them before submission.

Let us know how we can help you.

Please contact us for more information regarding any of our services.